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A Word of Caution for browsers of Revolutionary blogs

A Word of Caution for browsers of Revolutionary blogs

Dear friends,

There are many a type of websites and blogs on the internet. The State won't harm anyone who browses porn sites as it deters youth from participating in nation building or revolutionary activities. At the same time State won't keep quiet if any one browses revolutionary websites. They threatened the service provider of www.peoplesmarch.com to close the website in May 2006.

We opened http//;peoplesmarch.googlepages.com which is a website and a blog http://peoplesmarch.wordpress.com/immediately.

In July 2007 we opened another blog http/;peoples-march.blogspot.com

The enemy is also not keeping quiet. Many a blogs have surfaced during the last few months. Though some of the browsers knew Who's Who in the Revolution? many are not aware of What is What?

In their curiosity to know the truth and facts they comment on the articles appeared in the blogs revealing their identity using their personal E Mails, which is easily traceable by the enemy.

Hence we give a word of caution and request to the browsers of any revolutionary blogs not to respond to the comments on the articles appeared using their personal E Mails.

P.Govindan Kutty
Editor, People's March


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