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Where injustice prevails- Rebellion is justice! Where humiliation of humanity prevails- Revolution is the only answer!

How to start a prairie fire without a single spark?

How to start a prairie fire without a single spark?

Ask Spring Thunder.

40 years ago,

The Communist Party of China, then the centre for world revolution, hailed the uprising at Naxalbari. On June 28, 1967 Radio Peking broadcast: "A phase of peasants’ armed struggle led by the revolutionaries of the Indian Communist Party has been set up in the countryside in Darjeeling district of West Bengal state of India. This is the front paw of the revolutionary armed struggle launched by the Indian people......". Within a week, the July 5th edition of People’s Daily carried an article entitled ‘Spring Thunder over India’ which said: "A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India. Revolutionary peasants in Darjeeling area have risen in rebellion. Under the leadership of a revolutionary group of the Indian Communist Party, a red area of rural revolutionary armed struggle has been established in India..... The Chinese people joyfully applaud this revolutionary storm of the Indian peasants in the Darjeeling area as do all the Marxist-Leninists and revolutionary people of the world."

The spark of Naxalbari set aflame the fires of revolution in Srikakulam, Birbhum, Debra-Gopiballavpur, Mushahari and Lakhimpur-Kheri. The states of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, U.P, Tamil Nadu and Kerala saw a big spurt in Naxalbari-inspired struggles and Maoist formations sprouted in nearly every state of India.

40 years after Naxalbari uprising,

the 'revolutionary’ blog authors of Spring Thunder!

A single spark can start a prairie fire!

Brought out an article What Threatens the State:Arms or Ideology?

Then came up with rejoinder Revolution – better delayed than destroyed!

Leave alone arms, ideology and revolution. They don’t adhere to the title they have chosen for their blog. Their actions and statements don’t suit the title name of their blog. They do not want the single spark to ignite at Dharmapuri or Periyakulam. In their E mail to me they called it as Periyakulam fiasco. If Maoists tried to ignite a single spark they brand them as adventurists, anarchists, sectarians. They criticize the Maoists for all their actions and statements. They say, “We had been invited to join MR 2004. But we declined the invitation and have sent our criticisms on MR 2004’s approach”. They criticized them when they organized (Mumbai Resistance) MR 2004 along with around 300 organizations against WSF. The people know who is helping the enemy either directly or indirectly.

People know pretty well that "To start a prairie fire a single spark is needed".

That is how people of Andhra started branding a ‘revolutionary’ party and nicknamed as PIRIKI PANDA

P.Govindan kutty

Editor, People's March


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