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Where injustice prevails- Rebellion is justice! Where humiliation of humanity prevails- Revolution is the only answer!

Who is who in the revolution?

Who is who in the revolution?

What threatens the State... Arms or Ideology? By Spring Thunder!

Why is Revolution Delayed? By People's March

Revolution Better Delayed than Destroyed. By Spring Thunder!

Dear friends,

We reproduce below the latest comments regarding the above topic appeared in Spring Thunder!

and my reply.

Thank you Asuran for your comments..... Very Good initiative for an open discussion.

Thank you Abhay for your comments..... he is resorting to personal insults. You know very well that I am not the spokesperson of CPI Maoist. I have my own limitations. I can only intervene in my personal capacity. Not always and every where but only on exceptional cases.

I am of the view that Criticisms in a critical and self-critical approach between genuine revolutionary parties are to be conducted in such a way that both parties sit together and do it and the outcome to be signed by both parties and if needed has to be taken back to the cadres of both parties by printing it in their respective journals. This must be the stand of any genuine revolutionary party. This was the history of CPI Maoist. This is the view of the Editor, of People’s March too. If any ‘revolutionary’ party violates this and create nuisance with which enemy is benefited and the revolution suffers no one has the right to find fault with any individual who printed a booklet in Tamilnadu or the editor, of a revolutionary magazine like People’s March in airing his personal views against this type of mischievous propaganda aided and abetted by the enemy.

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March


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