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Driven to despair by hunger, man wants to be jailed

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Balasore is a district in Orissa from where Missiles are test fired.

Driven to despair by hunger, man wants to be jailed

Balasore: A young man, who said he wanted to go to prison here in Orissa as he “did not want to go hungry as his father abandoned his family to marry another woman”, was on Saturday stopped from doing so. Official sources said 22-year-old Rajiv Gandhi Pradhan of Puri district had been trying to enter the jail premises for some days and had even threatened to scale the wall if he was disallowed. “The man, the son of an ex-armyman, appealed to the officials to book him under any charge so that he could remain in jail and get food,” said jailor Arun Kumar Rath. “I know food is provided and the ill taken care of in jail,” the jailor quoted him.

Rath alleged Pradhan had even threatened that he would be forced to take to crime if he was not allowed entry.

Pradhan, who did not have any source of income, claimed he could not arrange a square meal for himself every day.

Police said Pradhan had been staying in the town with his mother after his father married another woman. — PTI


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