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Where injustice prevails- Rebellion is justice! Where humiliation of humanity prevails- Revolution is the only answer!

Who's Who in the revolution?

Who's Who in the revolution?

Dear friends,

We reproduce the following latest comments appeared in the blog Spring Thunder.

  1. Bhoobalan

    Govindan kutty gave fantastic answer. ‘ The people know who is helping the enemy either directly or indirectly’.

  2. on 07 Oct 2007 at 2:11 pm Thippu

    Initially Comrade Govindan Kutty(GK) ‘found’ there is no level playing field as his blog is ‘hacked’ while ours is not. Now the ‘hacked’ blog of him still continues. We are worried to some extent of whether really comrade GK is only continuing his replies or somebody else is playing pranks. We request him to convey the present status.

    In his series of comments in the past few days, we don’t find a single answer to the questions raised by Puthiya Jananayagam other than bashing us. As Comrade Abhay noted, it’s disappointing to see Comrade GK’s way of handling criticism as personal insult. We still believe in a composed political discussion. We think there is no point in replying repeated, baseless and deviating comments of him and others, as they can very well find our reply in our previous posts itself, if they are really intend to.

    If anything substantial to be noted from Comrade GK’s reply, we can cite only one comment of him which he himself highlights.

    I am of the view that Criticisms in a critical and self-critical approach between genuine revolutionary parties are to be conducted in such a way that both parties sit together and do it and the outcome to be signed by both parties and if needed has to be taken back to the cadres of both parties by printing it in their respective journals. This must be the stand of any genuine revolutionary party. This was the history of CPI Maoist. This is the view of the Editor, of People’s March too. If any ‘revolutionary’ party violates this and create nuisance with which enemy is benefited and the revolution suffers no one has the right to find fault with any individual who printed a booklet in Tamilnadu or the editor, of a revolutionary magazine like People’s March in airing his personal views against this type of mischievous propaganda aided and abetted by the enemy.

    We put some simple questions.

    Is it like anyone criticizing Maoists becomes an enemy of Maoists? Is this not a deviating tactic sounding like bush, ‘if you are not with us, you are with them!’?

    Though we don’t entirely accept Arundhati Roy’s opinions on Maoists, we ask you, did you charged Arundhati Roy openly as enemy proclaiming her opinions are aided and abetted by enemy, when she uttered harsh comments on Maoists? Or why did Comrade Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist) came up with an explanation, when intellectuals criticised Maoists in EPW instead of charging them as enemies? What is the reason for this opportunism with intellectuals while showing arrogance with Revolutionary organisations?

    How do you expect us to continue the discussion when you doubt our integrity though we have not done the same?

    The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. Cricisms cannot be held clandestinely. It would be harmful to revolution if we conceal our criticisms as a personal affair of Maoists as we both are accountable to the masses of this country. With this understanding, we are performing our duty as a fellow revolutionary organisation though it’s painful to us also.

    Thanks for the comments to all.

  3. on 07 Oct 2007 at 2:17 pm Thippu


    Or when intellectuals criticised Maoists in EPW, why did Comrade Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist) came up with an explanation instead of charging them as enemies?

  4. on 09 Oct 2007 at 4:22 pm P.Govindan kutty

    Everybody has a right to criticize Maoists. There is a lot of difference between the criticisms of intellectuals and ‘revolutionary’ parties.
    We invited Arundati to MR 2004. WSF too invited Arundati. She attended both. You know what Arundati declared at WSF platform. ‘I am with MR 2004′.
    How can their criticism leading to enemies of revolution.
    Just like Arundati we invited you to join us in MR 2004. From your statements we quote, “We had been invited to join MR 2004. But we declined the invitation and have sent our criticisms on MR 2004’s approach”.
    You never wanted to honour our invitation and discuss criticize and find solutions where in 300 orgonisations participated in MR 2004. No one knew what you did. You start cricizing others.
    This is the difference between intellectuals and a ‘revolutionary’ party.

  5. on 09 Oct 2007 at 4:50 pm Thippu

    I am not sure from where you are quoting Arundhati Roy saying ‘I am with MR-2004′. I remember her saying that MR-2004 and WSF should merge in the final day speech in WSF or MR-2004. Leave it, Imagine she said she is with MR-2004. In the latest interview she came up with harsh comments. but that doesn’t seem to be offending Maoists.

    You never wanted to honour our invitation

    is that so? Who is responsible for the defunct state or dissolved state of Forum Against Imperialist Globalization(FAIG) in which we both were members? Did AIPRF consulted in FAIG before starting MR-2004 or carried on in its own agenda throwing away all the organisational responsibilities it had in FAIG? who had confusions by setting up a stall initially and later withdrawing it from Asian Social Forum, Hyderabad, a precursor of WSF-2004?

    we honoured your request and that’s why we came up with our criticisms and sent it to you in the standards of a true fellow revolutionary organisation. but till date was there any official reply from Maoists?

  6. on 10 Oct 2007 at 6:56 am P.Govindan kutty
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Arundati never declared anywhere, anytime that she is a revolutionary. She had declared many a times that if the problems of the poor and downtrodden were not addressed all might turn to Maoists. Her anti imperialist stand is appreciated by many a lot. She doesn’t say her criticisms are to be accepted in toto.
    On the other hand you declare that you are the only ‘revolutionaries’ who follow the correct path in leading the revolution. All others are Anarchists, Adventurists, Sectarians. It is you who say your criticisms are to be accepted in toto otherwise we will walkout and criticize from outside. You are playing the enemies game where as intellectuals don’t. That is why we say enemy will be much pleased if Maoists are criticized by ‘revolutionaries’ rather than intellectuals.
    In any democratic set up anybody is free to initiate a Forum Against Imperialist Globalisation (FAIG) If you have initiated FAIG and invited AIPRF to join you then AIPRF would have accepted your invitation and joined you.
    It is you who called a press conference without even finding the facts and discussing the same in FAIG that you are walking out of FAIG on the plea that AIPRF is participating in Asia Social Forum (ASF). You went out of contacts and AIPRF has to counter it by calling a Press conference to declare that it is a malicious propaganda and AIPRF very well in FAIG and is a participating orgonisation of FAIG and not ASF. Then you understood the folly and came back to FAIG. The reason was New Vistas booked a Book Stall in ASF to sell revolutionary literatures. Is it obligatory for New Vistas to inform FAIG about selling revolutionary literatures at ASF. Due to heavy rent demanded by ASF for book stall New Vistas had to sell their revolutionary literatures on foot path and ILPS stalls and sales exceeded Rs 85,000/=
    You have never answered my query. “How, when and where are you going to start a prairie fire with out a single spark?”


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