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People's March website RE ENABLED

Dear friends,

People's March website RE ENABLED

Please go through the mails sent and the reply from google.com and other messages

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March

Original Message Follows:
From: anoopsaha@gmail.com
Subject: http://peoplesmarch.googlepages.com
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 23:19:18 -0800

Can you please inform us why this page has been disabled? This was the
website of a popular magazine in India, and I don't see it violating
any of Google's contractual obligations.

BugType: page_disabled
Language: en
Name: Anoop Saha
OS: Linux
URL: http://peoplesmarch.googlepages.com
browser: Firefox2

Reply from google.com

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Google Help <pages@google.com>
Date: Dec 15, 2007 6:48 AM
Subject: Re: [#223814269] http://peoplesmarch.googlepages.com
To: anoopsaha@gmail.com


Thank you for your email. We have re-enabled your Google Page Creator
site. Your site was disabled for being reported by our users as spam.
Please take a moment to look over our Terms of Service to ensure that your
page isn't disabled anytime in the near future. You may find our Terms of
Service at the following link: http://pages.google.com/-/terms_of_use.html

The Google Team

Find answers, ask questions, and share your expertise with others in the
Google Page Creator Help Group at

My reply to Anup

Dear Anup,

It is a site for uploading my data and not for sending messages which can be termed as spam. Then how can my site be reported users as spam.

Your site was disabled for being reported by our users as spam.


Anup's reply

Anoop Saha to me
show details 5:14 PM (3 hours ago)


ask the gmail people. I think someone is playing mischief with your website.
Please check with google.


Message from J Scott

show details 6:02 AM (14 hours ago)


Hi everybody,

The Indian government, or reactionaries working on its behalf, have once again closed down the People's March website. The magazine is still available, however, at either of two Single Spark web sites:

http://single-spark.net/?id=PeoplesMarch or

If other folks have web sites where they are able to post revolutionary ideas and materials without suppression by hypocritical so-called "democratic" governments, they should consider also posting current and recent issues of People's March and other journals that reactionary governments try to suppress. If People's March and other such journals are available on many diverse and growing numbers of places on the Internet, the reactionaries may have to give up their attempts to suppress it there. Those who favor the free flow of ideas must struggle to stay ahead of those with fascist inclinations.



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People's March website disabled again

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

Again from today our website http://peoplesmarch.googlepages.com was disabled. The site shows the message as ........

This site has been disabled for violations of our Program Policies. If you feel this disabling was in error, please visit our contact page to let us know. Contact Us

Those in need of pdf formats of our People's March may download from


or contact us by E Mail at

peoplesmarch@gmail.com or
peoplesmarch2006@rediffmail.com or
peoplesmarch@indiatimes.com or

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March


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People's March web site disabled & enabled

Dear friends,

I thank the New Indian Express for taking up the issue relating to disabling our web site & E Mail ID in their newspaper and from today our website & E Mail ID got enabled.


P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March

Kerala Dec 7, 2007

CPI (Maoists) blogspot blocked

Friday December 7 2007 09:50 IST


KOZHIKODE: The blogspot of People’s March, the unofficial magazine of the CPI (Maoists) which has been publishing the Maoist literature from all over the country, was blocked on Thursday.

It is not immediately known as to why peoplesmarch. googlepages. com was disabled, but the service provider has left a message saying that the action was taken for violation of ‘program policies.’

According to the Google Page Creator, its service should not be used for unlawful activities.

People’s March is being published from Tripunithura in Ernakulam and is edited by P.Govindan Kutty. The print edition is not banned by the authorities.

“I had uploaded an item yesterday. But today I found the site blocked. Even my gmail ID has been disabled,” Govindan Kutty told this website’s newspaper.

The website of People’s March was blocked a year ago by the Centre for its alleged association with the Maoists.

The blocking of the blog is the latest in the series of the war of wit between the Maoists in India and the law enforcing authorities.

Maoists have been widely using the internet to propogate its ideology among the public.

Resistanceindia. blogsot.com, a Maoist blog was hacked in August this year.

Another blog naxalrevolution. blogspot withdrew after one year of operation.

But the supporters of Maoists have created another blog maoistsresistance. blogspot.com which is active now.

There is another blogspot naxalwatch. blogspot.com, which is believed to be hosted or supported by the intelligence agencies to spread the message among the public that naxalism is “pure and simple terrorism which disguises itself in terms like class struggle and social justice.”

People’s March has been a major mouthpiece of the Indian Maoists. It has carried articles on Maoist programmes and interviews with leaders including CPI (Maoist) general secretary Muppala Lakshmana Rao alias Ganapathi and spokesperson Azad.

One issue of the magazine was exclusively on Dandakarayna region where the Maoists are running a parallel government and another on the women martyrs of the Maoist movement.

It also carried extensive reports on the developments in Nandigram.

Security agencies feel that it is impossible for a single person to produce a magazine like People’s March.

They believe that there could be many behind the venture who are behind the curtain at present.

Kerala is a state where the Maoists are keeping a low profile unlike the Andhra Pradesh and some areas in the north.

But it is no longer a secret that senior Maoist leaders keep frequenting the state at regular intervals.


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Nandigram ne hathiyar nahi dale hein revised by Sushmitha in Hindi

Dear friends,

Our website http://peoplesmarch.googlepages.com and E Mail peoplesmarch@gmail.com got enabled.

Download:- Nandigram ne hathiyar nahi dale hein (revised) in Hindi by Sushmitha

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March

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Press Release from Karnataka

Dear friends,

Download Press Release from Karnataka

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March


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People's March December 2007 in PDF format

Dear friends,

Dowload People's March December 2007 in PDF format from


Download People's March December 2007 in pdf format

P.Govindan kutty
Editor, People's March


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